Sunday, December 20, 1981

Xmas Card

Femprov Holiday Tree
Carol Roberts
Susan Healy • Jeannene Hansen
Pat Daniels • Terry Sand
We took plenty of photographs for special shows or when the line-up of gals changed. We understood the power of publicity as a way to communicate with our mailing list of press contacts and clubs we had played or hoped to book soon. This particular postcard was sent during the holidays.

1980… back of the postcard

Happy Holidays from Femprov
This Thursday 12.04 - 9:30 "Femprov Night at The Other"
Sunday, 12.07 - 9 - The Old Spaghetti Factory
Sunday, 12.14 - 9 - One Year Anniversary Show w/ Special Guests - TOSFactory
Hope to See You This Thursday

Likely this was mailed the weekend before.

Tuesday, December 15, 1981

2nd Anniversary

Susan Healy, Carol Roberts, Terry Sand, Pat Daniels, and Jeannene Hansen
Celebrate Femprov's 2nd Anniversary
1981 • In 2 years, Femprov had already performed at the first (and subsequent) Women's Night at the Holy City Zoo, kicked off The Punchline's new Improv Night, established a beach head at The Old Spaghetti Factory for their Sunday night performances, showcased themselves at LA's Improv, performed at the very 1st Comedy Celebration in GG Park, along with most of the other available comedy venues of the era (Other Cafe) and in general kicked funny comedy butt and taken names.