Flyers and Press

Femprov logo used in publicity and a colorful array of fashionable T-shirts

Friday, May 30, 1980 • San Francisco Progress

June 5, 1980 • SF Bay Guardian
Femprov, the only all female comedy-improvisation group on the West Coast, open Sunday/1

Sunday, June 22, 1980 • LA Calendar
Femprov's first encouraging mention in the press.
Improv in Los Angeles— State of the Art • by Maurice Green and Andrew Epstein
Week of November 7-13, 1980 • San Francisco Progress
These five inventive and carefree young ladies make up the only all-female improvisational comedy troupe in the area. They call themselves Femprov they perform every Sunday evening at nine at The Old Spaghetti Factory, 478 Green St. just up from Grant.

Pink Pages for Old Spaghetti Factory

September 14, 1980 • SF Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook (Pink Pages)-cropped
The female improvisational troupe FemProv presents Sunday night entertainment
at 8:30 PM through September at The Old Spaghetti Factory.
October 4, 1981 • SF Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook

Over zealous posting of flyers

April 19, 1981 • SF Sunday Examiner and Chronicle Datebook (Pink Pages) 
Announcement for Other Cafe

Punchline Press Release

Seeking Representation LA Improv Performance Mailing • pink envelope

1984 Anniversary Flyer

Promotional Flyer for Other Cafe Appearance

Promotional flyer for Cobb's Pub Appearance

Promotional flyer shamelessly handed out during Comedy Day set • 1985

Friday, June 8, 1987 • Santa Cruz Sentinel

June 1987 • Kuumbwa Listing • Santa Cruz Sentinel

1987 • Santa Cruz Sentinel

1986 Comedy Day Program

Cabaret Gold

Cabaret Gold Award Letter

Special  Award  to Femprov
Board of Directors of the Council on Entertainment

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