11 Women, 8 Years, a Million Laughs
So much funny in so many women. Femprov had a variety of talents and working groups throughout the years. This prescient video intended for interactive use in our live shows will give you a fair estimation of the comings and goings, the join-ins and spin-offs as careers in stand-up comedy, acting, writing and teaching beckoned and were launched along the way.

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and Now…
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• Linda Hill •
Basic highlights - Stand Up-Acting Roles-move to NYC - get into Performance World- Hosting the weekly No Shame Series at the Public Theater for 3 years, doing several solo shows at PS 122, Dixon Place, the Kitchen & Surf Reality - becoming known as the "Mistress of the Avant Garde" - which becomes even more insane when the next turn came and I began to finally embrace my country roots, went to Nashville and met my mentor, Miss Minnie Pearl. Now I host a monthly country show and have my own band, Linda Hill & the Lucky Fellers.  I'm also lucky enough to have had 2 of my songs recorded - one by rockabilly artist, Marti Brom & another by honky tonk band, Li'l Mo & the Monicats. I am the subject of a new documentary about my show & character, Lindy Loo entitled Big City Hick making the festival rounds and will be recording my CD in Nashville this June.

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• Carol Roberts • 
I still teach improv classes and found that I was having a lot of Asperger's kids as students.  I fell in love with them and now have an interesting niche where I teach them social skills using comedy improv games (also open to ADHD, depression, anxiety).  (Mostly 8th grade and up.) My friend and I came up with the title, Accidental Social Skills because they are motivated to play the games and thus incorporate eye contact, focus, teamwork, emotional expression etc. without realizing it.  No lectures.  So, that's one of my businesses.  It cracks me up because psychiatrists and therapists who I've never met refer their patients to me.  I'm in good company -- Chicago Second City has started offering similar workshops geared toward people with Social Anxiety and then also with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  There are a few of us around.  I just love it!  
[back in the day]
Carol Roberts graduated from Antioch College in Ohio in 1977 with a B. A. in Communications/Psychology. She then lived in London for a year, and then returned to complete her M. A. Degree in Gerontology from USC. Carol was discovered at the Holy City Zoo and was asked to become a member of Improv Alternative before she became a member of FEMPROV. Carol also eventually hopes to do standup.
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• Sandee Althouse • 
I continue on with my day job in Bay Area radio. I've worked as an announcer and journalist at KRQR, KFOG, KGO as well as working as a traffic reporter for the local traffic amalgamator, in the booth, in a plane and in the fabulously thrilling helicopter.  I've been an announcer at KQED for the past 27 years. Yikes.  And continue to do voice over work, mostly as the straight man but sometimes enjoying a nugget of character work.  I have also produced two offspring (improvising everything), one of whom is heading off to college in the fall of 2014.

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• Terry Sand •
I began performing and teaching improvisational comedy in 1979 and continue today.  As one of the founding members of Femprov—the First All-Female Improv Troupe in San Francisco – performing with Femprov launched my motivational speaking, teaching, and television careers. I was a regular comedy contributor on "People Are Talking," and "Evening Magazine"KPIX Channel 5 San Francisco.  and "Good Morning Portland" ABC Portland. My National TV credits include comedy appearances of "The Will Shriner Show." and "The Power of Play" on PBS.  Currently I'm involved with the "Active Aging Movement" producing comedy Mock-cumentaries, music videos, improv and sketch comedy with seniors. See for additional information 
[back in the day]
Terry Sand graduated from UCLA with both her B.A. And M.A. in modern dance. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and has an extensive background in musical theater, dance, drama and choreography. Terry has performed with many San Francisco comedy troops including The Committee, Papaya Juice, and Spaghetti Jam  Terry has also been a guest performer with Tormented from Los Angeles. Also she has launched your standup career and has performed standup at the Holy City Zoo, The Other Café, the Punchline, and Joe Nobriga's. Terry is also one of the founding members of FEMPROV.

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• Pat Daniels •
coming soon…
[back in the day]
Pat Daniels started performing comedy in San Francisco in 1975. A native New Orleanian, Pat became one of the only female stand-up comedians in the Bay Area. In addition to her stand-up act, she has worked as a producer of comedy shows and she's a comedy writer. In 1977 she wrote and edited a humorous service publication called Cheap Laughs. Subscribers to Cheap Laughs  include Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers and Dr. Don Rose. Pat just recorded an album for Warner Bros. entitled "Peanut, Popcorn and the President" a political comedy album about Jimmy Carter. In 1979, Pat wrote for Video West, a local television program.

• • •  • • •  • • •  • • •  • • • 
• Barbara Scott •
Barbara Scott has been improvising for 35 years with Bay Area groups—in the early days with Screaming Memes, Comedy Underground and Femprov (the first all-female improv group in SF)– and has been a member of the BATS Company and coaching staff since its first year in 1986. She’s played Theatresports™ and long form theater in many U.S. cities, as well as in, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and as part of a national touring company in New Zealand.
She  is a founding member of True Fiction Magazine Improvisational Theatre, with whom she’s performed internationally.
Barbara teaches improv at BATS, American Conservatory Theatre, the San Francisco Opera Center, Bay Area high schools, and Stagebridge Senior Theater (where she directs the improv group Antic Witties). She has led master improv classes at Stanford University, Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, the Funny Women Fest in Chicago, ImproLabo in Tokyo, and at international improv festivals.
She specializes in teaching song improvisation, usually with Joshua Brody; they recently returned from their second workshop in Japan.  The two of them are members of the a cappella improv choir Tonal Chaos.
In 2010 Barbara was honored with  the 1st Annual Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Improv Community by the San Francisco Improv Festival. In 2009 she received the Rebecca Stockley Superhero Award for Outstanding Service to the BATS Improv Community.
• • •  • • •  • • •  • • •  • • • 
• Susan Healy •
coming soon…
[back in the day]
Susan Healy is one of the founding members of FEMPROV. She is also a member of The Other Café Players –improv comedy group. Susan has performed with many San Francisco comedy groups including The Committee, Papaya Juice, and Spaghetti Jam. Susan is also a stand up comedian who appears regularly at The Holy City Zoo, The Other Café, and the Punchline.

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• Debi Durst •
coming soon…

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• Teresa Roberts • 
coming soon…

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• Jeannene Hansen •
coming soon… 
[back in the day]
Jeannene Hansen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Nebraska with a B.A. in art with an emphasis in photography. She moved to San Francisco in 1976 to work as a professional photographer. She began studying improvisational comedy one year ago. Jeannene is the newest member toFEMPROV and she eventually hopes to branch out into stand-up. She is working on a soon to be published book on Holography and she is also in the process of illustrating a book entitled "Stage Combat".

• • •  • • •  • • •  • • •  • • • 
• Denise Schultz •
Denise toured abroad and performed with The Pros From Dover in 1989-1990 which led to a crusade of bi-annual journeys around the world with husband Joe. Those extravagant trips were financed with an on-going hostess/waitress position she held at busy downtown restaurants. During this time and pre-Femprov, she was a stand-up comedienne and an esteemed member of Improv Incorporated in LA, The Wing, The Garrett, Spaghetti Jam and the Comedy Underground improv troupes along with various theatrical productions for which the reviews were always stellar. She was a favorite among her patrons and eventually brought her sunny disposition and efficient skill set as a hostess and major domo to the adoring and grateful women of The California Club. Her passing in 2008 saddened all she touched in her no-holds barred life. She remains one of the best all-time broads to grace this planet as evidenced by the accolades and remembrances of her family and friends on her memorial blog.

Piano Players
Sara Klotz
Jim Cox - Jade Archer
Caroline Dahl
Joshua Brody
Mike Singer

Which brings us to our infamous Opening Numbers, which could only be accomplished with our fabulous pianists who kept the beat and kept us in tune.

Possibly the first in our repertoire; a calypso beat, very rudimentary hand-to-elbow choreography and a tincture of self-deprecation.

sung to tune of The Girl from Ipanema [ Listen to jog your memory ]

Tall and tanned and young and lovely
All those women went out for coffee
But Femprov's here to entertain you tonight

We do live improvisation
In comedy clubs across the nation
But we found parking so were at (insert club name) tonight

Oh how we want your suggestions
We've come to you for direction
Soon we'll be asking you questions
Like a place or a line from a poem
Or maybe just for a ride home

Femprov tries to bring you laughter
There'll be jokes you won't get till after
And when you laugh each time you laugh you go (insert real and raucous laughter from the gals)

Seizing on any chance to enhance with costumes we chose long white gloves, boas, and various quick change adornments for this homage to the back-up singers of Motown. Rushing to line up across the stage as if we had 'just' arrived, we dressed onstage while the music vamped; gloves were pulled half-on, make-up was checked, boas adjusted, all to signal our discombobulation. Once the singing began, there were hand jives and dance-swaying in time to the musical verses.


sung to tune of Can't Hurry Love [ Jog your memory ]

(Offstage announcement) "Now direct from Motown, the Femprovettes!"

You can't hurry us, no you'll just have to wait
We all took the Muni, that is why we are so late

Our hair is a mess, oh the mirror's in pain
Looks don't come easy, thank the lord, we've got our brains

We could not stand to do a show alone
So that is why you're here instead of being home

Somebody stop the clock, turn back the hands of time
So these precious moments can be yours and mine

We've been on the road , since we left Motown,
somewhere near Barstow, someone stole our sequined gowns

Don't break our hearts, there's tears in our eyes
We love you, oh baby, were just here to improvise

(Spoken) "Ladies and gentlemen, your entertainment dollars tonight are going toward the purchase of 5 identical, super sequined, incredibly sexy, possibly overtight evening gowns. And it may be just my 'magination, but I think they disappeared about the same time as our lead singer. So like the song says…"

Don't break our hearts, there's tears in our eyes
We love you, oh baby, were just here to improvise

Just wait!
We loved to sing and improvise rhymes which encouraged our poetic selves. Inspired by the location and history of our first 'home' club, The Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco's North Beach, we created a spoken word piece that honored both and became an improvised staple in our line-ups. Accompanied by smoldering cigarettes, berets, dark sunglasses and finger snaps, it drew on all the rhythms and style of the Beats. 

Beat Poem 
This special version was scripted by Barbara Scott for a Weekend with the Stars Telethon performance. 

Through the magic of television we like to take you back to a little coffeehouse in North Beach. You folks in the back drinking cappuccino or going to dig this. Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti may join us at any time but for right now, we 3 beat poets are going to do a little poem just especially for you.

Alot's been said about taking and giving 
I guess it's a part of our daily living 
You give to your church and your favorite charities 
You give to the grocery store when you buy a can of peas 
Everyone's asking for money to lend
Always at the time you have nothing to spend

Inflation in the nation is really the pits 
If money gets tighter will just call it quits 
But sometimes when it's special, giving feels good 
It makes you feel richer than you know you could - if you didn't --give

If you know you are lucky and you have your health 
It's your chance to contribute and share the wealth 
If you're in a bar or sitting at home 
There's no need to feel alone 
Just pick up the phone… and give

For together we're all in this thing 
To see how much joy we can bring 
It doesn't make take much to change one life 
It's a helping thing, make it happen tonight 

Comedy Day

On the flip side of our altruistic endeavors, we were tireless self-promoters. Our 1985 appearance at the annual Comedy Day Celebration in Golden Gate Park was yet another opportunity to sell our upcoming shows… and a few T-shirts. We unleashed our inner cheerleaders and literally bounced on and off small trampolines, with poms-poms and flyers in our 5 minute set of unbridled enthusiasm.

We are Femprov and we're here to say 
A big hello to you on comedy day 

As you can see there are six of us 
And we've got five minutes to make you love us 
(We're just funny gals so what's the fuss)

If you haven't seen us that's a shame 
Because we all know there's nothing like a dame

There's only time for a commercial break 
We'll squeeze it in, it's a piece of cake 

You've been meaning to see us and come to a show 
By the way where at Cobb's Pub at 9 tomorrow

We made these flyers just for you 
Check us out at the Ha Ha with Uncle Stinky's Review 

Check the Pink Pages for where we'll be 
It's spelled F-E-M-P-R-O-V

We don't want to stand here and holler 
So shut us up, buy a shirt for only 8 dollars 
How much? 
8 dollars! 
How much? 
8 dollars!

Circa 1980, after a short intermission in our full show, we would re-enter marching and barking this little call-and-response ditty. It re-focused the audience and paid homage to our then-President's recent policies


Reagan don't like ERA
We'll do Improv anyway

Next 4 years may change our act
We'll just be the improv WACs
Sound off… Femprov 
Sound off… Femprov
Sound off… Femprov… FEMPROV!

San Francisco

sung to tune of New York New York [ Jog your memory ]
Props: Canes and a top hat or two. We choreographed the canes in a very Top Hat/Fred Astaire way.

Lyrics re-construction in progress…

Get fruit on our plate wherever we eat
With Herb Caen, Dot Dot Dot

It's up to you San - Fran - Cis - Co

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