Sunday, May 15, 1983

Persuasion • Comedy Day 1983

We got wind that, despite performing at the First and Second Annual Comedy Day Celebrations, this year we were likely to be 'bumped' off the roster of 40 comedians scheduled to perform a 5 minute set in Golden Gate Park's Bandshell. Comedy Day was  the 'opportunity to publicly thank the people of San Francisco for their support and contributions to the successes we all enjoyed throughout the years.' Also, sitting on the sidelines on the big day was no fun at all.
Initially, befuddled, then incensed —an entire range of emotions was likely experienced - being members of the stereotypically and historically hysterical gender group— we used the challenging hurdle to take stock of our 3 years of cumulative accomplishments and present our list of reminders to the forgetful folks in charge… with our regular aplomb. 
Below is a one-of-a-kind plea, disguised as courteous discourse. Few other performers took the initiative to craft such a pre-emptive case-building document or were expected to 'beg' in such a fashion.  We included a full-boat press package, to boot.
As you can see from the program above, our efforts were fruitful and we performed on that sunny Saturday in July. And never had to ask nicely again.

May 5, 1983 
To: The Organizing Committee of the SF Comedy Day Celebration
Re: FEMPROV's Participation in the 1983 C.D. Celebration

Dear Comedy Day Celebration Committee Members,
FEMPROV, currently the longest performing improvisational comedy troupe in San Francisco, congratulates you on the growing success of the Comedy Day Celebration in Golden Gate Park. Enthusiastically, FEMPROV appeared in the first two celebrations, and the group looks forward to participating in this year's event.
As stated in a recent review in the S.F. Chronicle, FEMPROV is one of the most highly regarded improv troupes in San Francisco. FEMPROV adds to the unique character of the City's comedy scene by virtue of the fact that they are one of only several all-female comedy troupes in this country!
Listed are a few additional examples illustrating FEMPROV's contributing effort to help maintain San Francisco as the Comedy Capital of the world.
  1. By performing at fund raising events, FEMPROV contributes their time, talent, and energy to national as well as local service organizations. Some of FEMPROV's benefit performances include the Cerebral Palsy Telethon, A Safe Place (a home for battered women) benefit, the University of San Francisco's Educational Fund benefit, S.F. City College fund raising event, the National Organization of Women, and the Organization for Abortion Rights.

  2. FEMPROV instigated the perpetuation and growth of the comedy scene in S.F. by involving themselves directly in the creation, development, and opening of Cobb's Pub in the Marina. FEMPROV-ET Terry Sand worked with the owner of Cobbs (Ron Kakiki) with the initial ground plans for transforming Cobb's from a neighborhood pub to what is now a very popular comedy club. FEMPROV as a group worked as consultants in regards to Cobb's stage design, public relations, and scheduling. FEMPROV was the first opening act at Cobb's and continued to perform there on Friday and Saturday nights for the first three months of the club's existence. Since that time, FEMPROV still performs at Cobb's on a regular basis.

  3. When the Punchline decided to add improvisational comedy to their weekly lineup they called upon FEMPROV to kick-off this idea.

  4. FEMPROV is an innovative contributor to the art of comedy. Their most recent innovation includes the use of video in their shows. Lead by FEMPROV-ET Jeannene Hansen, FEMPROV continues to explore the use of modern video technology in conjunction with live improvisational techniques.

  5. FEMPROV serves as a spring board for comediennes to grow and develop their talents into many areas of performance and comedy. Susan Healy and Carol Roberts are two examples of comediennes that began their careers with FEMPROV. FEMPROV encourages its members to grow and each FEMPROV-ET works in other areas of entertaininment ranging from stand-up to writing, teaching, and acting. The group also guests many other comediennes and provides an arena for developing their improvisational skills.
These are but a few examples of FEMPROV's contributions to comedy. The group's longevity is testimony to their hard work and tribute to the support they receive from the City's comedy fans. 
FEMPROV looks forward to participating in the 1983 Comedy Day celebration and we thank you for your time and consideration!
Warmest regards,


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