Monday, March 24, 2014

Jumping through all the proper hoops

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Femprov's bio from our Troupe page 
Now eligible for instant submission to Festivals. 
Femprov, the original all female improv group based in San Francisco, trail-blazed for the better part of a decade performing innovative improv and making the way a bit easier for comediennes that were to follow. Femprov, was not a feminist group. Femprov had no political agendas. Simply a group of talented improv players willing to apply the 'trust and support' principle to its greatest extent. 
What resulted was a ten year run in comedy clubs, City events, and theatrical venues in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and LA. Femprov performed improvised musical theater paradises, lounge lizard dedications, interactive video pieces, original games, and games originating from improv history. 
The original Femprov-ets launched its' members into careers in radio, TV, motivational speaking, sports announcing for the Giants, character-based musical parody, international improv gigs, performances, and workshops, video experimentation, web-site and graphic design, teaching improvisational techniques to children and adults with special needs, and corporate team-building, not to mention, spawning two winning contestants in the first and second annual Miss Haight Ashbury Beauty Pageant sponsored by The Other Cafe. 
Femprov was honored with a special Cabaret Gold Award and the All Gold Comedy Award. They were also chosen to perform in the California Lottery Kick-Off Event in San Francisco as human lotto balls. Femprov was the first improv troupe to perform at Comedy Day In The Park. They also worked with a construction manager to design the stage and transform Cobb's Pub from a local bar to a very successful Comedy Club. Femprov often shared their stage with invited guest improvisers including Robin Williams who loved to workout with the troupe. Femprov performed most recently at the SF Improv Festival celebrating Barbara Scott's OCIC Award. 
The members of Femprov remain forever connected with precious memories that established their well-deserved place in San Francisco's comedy history.

I did not correct Terry's misspelling of parodies, as I enjoy the idea that we 'improvised musical theater paradises'.

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