Saturday, December 21, 2019

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If you followed the QR code on the Anniversary postcard and find yourself here… Welcome!
As the new decade looms, renewed efforts are afoot at building a book, or a movie, or perhaps a holographic experience to further commemorate the blip in the continuum called Femprov. 
Working title: When Women Weren't Funny, And How These Hilarious Gals Laughed at That Notion.
To that end, I have digitized the handful of interviews completed with the lovely Linda Hill, Carol Roberts, Barbara Scott and Pat Daniels. They reside on our YouTube Channel in separate playlists for your viewing pleasure. Carol also contributed some unearthed footage of an early Army Opener and Unemployment Office sketch at Cobb's Pub, along with a Carol and Terry interview from a cable access show. 
Of course, your contributions are extremely welcome, whether it's filling in details on the Timeline, sharing your own ephemera (journals, calendars, career updates, Recollections), or arranging an interview to be added (looking at you Teresa, Susan, Debi, Sandee, Terry, and Jeannene).
Once again… Congratulations on making it to this moment in time with your memories relatively intact.

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