Friday, September 5, 1980

A likely bunch of coconuts
Femprov: A High-Class Act 
by E. J. McLaughlin 

Question: What do you get when you put a dance instructor, a gerontologist, a city planner, a photographer, and a cytologist together on stage?
Answer: A dynamic evening of improvisational comedy by the popular Bay Area group known as Femprov.

Femprov began in December 1979 when Susan Healy, Terry Sand, and Teresa Roberts decided to form an all-woman improvisational comedy troupe. Based wholly on audience suggestion, improvisational theater has a long history in San Francisco, with such groups as the Committee, Spaghetti Jam, and Papaya Juice.

Femprov, becoming well-known in San Francisco because of the publicity given to their unique "all woman " status, prefers not to capitalize on that fact. They deliver a high level of comedy and creativity, attributable to the diverse backgrounds of its members.

All of Femprov’s material is extremely creative. From there take off on “Beat Poets" in the North Beach scene, to interviewing off-the-wall applicants in an unemployment office, to their cable TV shows of “The Creative Cook" and “The Gay Dating Game" not to forget the ingenious "Alien Fashion Show". They also do a scene called “Dedication" in which they very adeptly satirize Frank Sinatra. With overcoats slung casually on their shoulders, they take turns singing seductive goodbyes to an unfortunate(?) male audience member.

Femprov agrees that comedy is on the verge of becoming the rock and roll of the 80s adding “It is also a very good time for women starting out since existing comediennes are being taken out of live performing and placed into more marketable fields such as film television and directing." They offer this advice to aspiring comediennes “…be yourself, don't do self-deprecation material, you'll get laughs but it won't help any of us… the hard way is better."

Femprov has a promising future in the Bay Area and the West Coast. They perform Sunday nights at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco, with other engagements announced weekly. So for an evening of stimulating musical/comedy improv is truly a high class act.

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