Saturday, July 11, 1981

First Comedy Day

Susan Healy, Carol Roberts, Terry Sand,  Pat Daniels are attentive
to the fast-paced jump cuts of Story Story directed by Jeannene Hansen
The Band Shell in GG Park was the venue for Comedy Celebration Day. There were very few women on the roster for that first sunny day in 1981. Hell, there were very few women performing comedy in San Francisco. Susan Healy doubled up, also performing stand-up along with Jane Dornacker, May Lee Davis and, of course Femprov, a young eager group of gals supplying their own brand of funny to the proceedings.
Two years later, we had to make our case for being included in the line-up of 40 comedians, by formally reminding the Committee of our contributions to the SF comedy scene, beyond our gender being represented on the Bandshell stage.
Origin story of Comedy Day… and the countless unsung women essential and instrumental in enabling it's birth.

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