Wednesday, January 27, 1982

They're wacky, dynamic and a guaranteed belly laugh. 
They're Femprov, an all-woman improvisational comedy troupe, who will appear Sunday at The Club inMonterey
That's a Laugh
Night Time • Coasting

After Femprov sings their opening number welcoming you to their show, they will catapult themselves into the audience to find ideas. Because it is based on audience participation, the show can never be the same.
The troupe began in December 1979 when Susan Healy, Teresa Roberts (no longer with them) and Terry Sand met in improvisational workshops. They formed Femprov after the Holy City Zoo started Women's Night. Pat Daniels, Carol Roberts and Jeannene Hansen joined the troupe later.
A reviewer for Metro Magazine said: "All of Femprov's material is extremely creative—from their take off on "Beat Poets" in the North Beach scence to interviewing off-the-wall applicants in an unemployment office to their cable TV show of "The Creative Cook" and "Gay Dating Game" not to forget the ingenious "Alien Fashion Show."

It's Your Choice
Charles Davis • Monterey Peninsula Herald Events Column

Femprov, a Bay Area improvisational comedy troupe, will be this Sunday night's comedy offering at The Club, in Monterey.
Founded in 1979 when San Francisco's Holy City Zoo night club began having Women's Night, Femprov is a five-woman teams that holds nothing—including feminism—sacred.
Improv comedy is seldom seen on the Peninsula. Unlike typical standup humor, improv relies on audience participation: Members of the group will call to to the audience for situations, occupations, et. then improvise an entire skit—hoping it is funny.
That's not to say the group doesn't have rehearsed routines, just that they are likely to alter them at whim. For example, S.F. critics have raved about their "Beat Poets" takeoff, as well as their "Alien Fashion Show," and "Dedication," a satirical Sinatra routine.
Femprov performs regularly in the S.F. Bay Area, The Club date will be the group's first Peninsula gig.

…a magic combination of personalities…

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